Frequently asked questions


    General rules and questions


    Is there any age limit for using the equipments?
    The equipments of the trampoline park can be used from 4 years of age. Children between 4 and 5 years of age can only jump under adult supervision. Also the accompanying adult have to buy ticket.
    Is parental attendance required for minors in the park during open hours?
    Parents are always and any time responsible for their children. We ask to supervise children at a minimum under the age of 6 but it is finally the decision of the parents. We do not take any responsibility connected with a not supervised kid.
    Why the registration is needed?
    Our online registration have to be done by everyone who wants to use the park's equipment, as in addition to the park's policies, it contains a liability statement, which have to be accepted by all of our visitors. Our visitors under the age of 18 must be registered by their parents / legal representatives under their own name.
    How much earlier should you arrive at the park?
    If you have already purchased your ticket, it is worth arriving at the park at least 20 minutes before the start. This way there are no surprises; you can get your armband and your socks, and change your clothes without rushing. If you come later it can shorten your jump time in case of long lines.
    What kind of clothes should I wear while jumping?
    Comfortable clothes that are suitable for doing sports are recommended for jumping on trampolines.
    Why is it important to use trampoline socks?
    Trampoline socks are coated with a special anti-slip layer on their soles. This not only helps reduce the risk of accidents but also enhances the experience of using the trampolines. The socks have to be bought for the first time, then you can bring them with you the next time you visit.
    Are there any headcount limits on the trampolines?
    Yes! We allow max 200 people per hour to jump on the trampolines. The system cannot sell more tickets than this, so if we reach this headcount we cannot issue any more tickets.
    Is there any weight limit?
    Yes there is. Unfortunately, with a weight above 110 kg, visitors cannot use the equipment.
    Am I allowed to bring food to the park?
    At Cyberjump, you can buy food and drink at the bistro during opening hours. Therefore, bringing food from outside the park is not allowed.
    What to do if you lose / leave something behind in Cyberjump? Handling of lost property.
    We collect plenty of lost clothes every day. We unfortunatley cannot provide information about those items by phone or email. You have to come back and find the lost clothes among the collected ones. We may provide information about lost items with higher value (phone, documents, purses, keys etc.), but we give items only back to persons who can proove to be the owner.
    Is it possible to bring a phone, video camera, or photo camera on the trampolines?
    It is not allowed to bring devices into the entertainment area and it needs always the permittion of our staff. If someone takes devices into the area, they do so on their own risk. If the device is damaged, lost, or stolen, the owner bears the responsible for this. If the device caused an injury to people or damaged our equipment, the user is responsible for the damage. Independently if the use was permitted by our staff. Additionally, we warn you that the use of such devices increases the risk of injury, as the user may not be able to concentrate properly on safe jumps. Cyberjump Austria GmbH never takes the liablility for damages and further causes out of the use of eauipment in the entertainment area.
    Is it possible to bring any sport equipment on the trampolines (e.g. bounce board)?
    We only let our visitors take such sport equipment on the trampolines that was approved and checked by the park staff and only in periods when this does not bother other guests when they are playing.
    Can I bring a dog to Cyberjump?
    This is not allowed.
    Is it possible to change clothes or take a bath in the park?
    Yes, there are dressing rooms where you can find showers room as well.
    Can I lock up my valuables somewhere while I'm jumping?
    At the reception, you can ask for a padlock with combination lock so you can close the cabinet in the dressing room with them. We ask you for a deposit of 5 EUR for the padlock, which is returned in exchange for the padlock. We will not be able to return the deposit if the padlock is damaged or destroyed.


    Buying a ticket, conditions


    Is it possible to book a seat in the trampoline park or are only tickets available?
    The ticket can be bought in advance, online or on site at a later date. Tickets cannot be booked without purchase.
    What happens if I miss the start time?
    Of course, we always try to handle our visitors' requests flexible, but this is not always up to us. If there is available space at the beginning of the following slot, you can use the ticket for a later timeslot too. However, if all the tickets have been sold for the following hours as well, there is no possibility of changing the start time. In this case, our guest who arrived late can only start within the booked slot and have to leave the trampolines at the end of the time slot with the other visitors what means that their time is reduced by the time they came late.
    Can I cancel my booking or can I change it? If yes, how?
    According to our GTC, in the case of a ticket purchase, after leaving the cash desk or finalising an online ticket purchase, we cannot cancel the order. We are not able to refund the purchased ticket/voucher and we cannot pay back the purchase price. If you have already registered on, as a registered visitor, you have the opportunity to change the date of the purchased ticket 48 hours before the booked date and choose another date. To do this, you need to login to your account. You can only change the date under the same terms as the purchased ticket and you must choose a time when there are still free slots available. e.g. a 1-hour ticket can be re-booked for another 1 hour, 2-hour bookings for other 2-hour bookings, etc. If you bought multiple tickets at the same time, you need to change the date separately for each ticket. In the event that there is less than 48 hours between your purchase and the booking date, it is unfortunately not possible to change the booking. If you have any questions about booking times, please write to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address.
    Should a ticket be purchased for the parents if they only accompany their child?
    No, not necessary. Only those visitors need to buy tickets who would like to use our trampolines.
    What should I do if I do not receive the online ticket(s) I purchased? What could be the problem?
    Based on our experience so far, this is most commonly caused by a mistyped email address. In addition, some spam filters of email systems not allow you to receive emails with images in them (the QR code). Unfortunately this is not under our control but may be changed on the settings page of the email client. You should register with another email address to avoid such issues. If your ticket does not arrive, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details of the purchase.
    Is it possible to buy a gift card?
    Yes, it is. It is possible to buy vouchers both online and on site, which can be used later. Two different vouchers are available: 1 Hour Jump for 1 Person at 14.90 EUR, ein Tagesticket für 1 Person zu 24.90 EUR. Voucher can be redeemed both online and locally. Vouchers may not be redeemed against tickets of a different type or against other products or services and are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. IMPORTANT!!! 1 voucher can be used for per booking. If you have several vouchers that you want to redeem, you have to make as many bookings as many vouchers you want to use. A 1-hour voucher can only be redeemed for 1 piece of 1-hour jump ticket.




    Is online registration compulsory for groups as well?
    Not necessary. You can find a downloadable group liability declaration on the website. This statement needs to be completed with the details of all children and signed by an adult attendant who is the dedicated supervisor (parents etc.). The declaration needs be given to our staff on arrival at the park.
    Is the liability declaration or registration obligatory for everyone?
    Everyone who wants to use trampoline equipment is obliged to submit a liability declaration or a group liability declaration in case of groups.
    Is an accompanying person (teacher) allowed to go on the trampolines if he/she does not want to jump?
    An attendant can only go on the trampolines if they buy a jumping ticket, otherwise they can only wait near the trampolines. This is so due to the maximum amount of people who can be on the equipment at the same time. This is a safety requirement, which we cannot ignore. Independently we do not take responsibility for missing supervision. The responsible supervisor of the group is always for the group responsible and must make sure that an appropriate supervision is executed.
    Is is possible to park with a bus at the spot?
    How can groups of schools or non-profit associations buy tickets to Cyberjump?
    On the homepage under the 'groups' menu, you can find an 'Email us' button. By clicking on it, you can book your tickets via email. It is important that the requested information should be given precisely in the email.
    Should a ticket be purchased for an accompanying person?
    No. Not necessary, if the accompanying visitor does not want to jump. Independently we do not take responsibility for missing supervision. The responsible supervisor of the group is always for the group responsible and must make sure that an appropriate supervision is executed.
    How dangerous is the trampoline park?
    Our trampoline park is built and operated based on the existing standards and released by the relevant authorities. The risk of injury is similar to other sport and leisure activities like skating, biking, skiing or soccer playing.
    What kind of payment options are there?
    Optional payment methods are bank transfer, paying by cash on the spot, or card payment.
    How much earlier should you buy your tickets?
    This changes periodically. The time around the end of the school year is busy even on weekdays too, Weekends and celebration days are usually very busy, so you should book and buy your tickets as soon as possible.
    What times do tickets apply to?
    The slots always start at the beginning of an hour. It is not possible to join in the interim period.
    How much earlier should you arrive at the park?
    For groups, the check-in process and changing clothes can take some time; therefore, we suggest arriving at the park at least 20 minutes before the start.

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