Cyberjump VIP card



    Daily jumping fun 

    No registration fee

    Maximum freedom


    Enjoy the park all year with a special VIP Card. No registration fee. Just non-stop fun.


    Do you want to come and fly anytime in Cyberjump, feel like a real VIP guest, and save big while you’re at it, too? Our VIP-Cards do not have any sign up fees.


    We offer 2 ways to aquire it!


    Month-to-month options


    12,90 €

    22,90 €

    Price per month 12,90 € 22,90 €
    Weekday Jump time 1 hour/day Unlimited
    Weekend Jump time 1 hour/day Unlimited
    1 round TAG Active game
    Welcome package*
    Free registration
    Minimum stay-in 6 months 6 months
    Birthday party discount**
      Become a VIP Become a VIP

    *Welcome package includes: 1 pair of jumping socks, TAGActive bracelet, Cyberjump bracelet, 1 bottle of water

    ** If you are booking a party with at least 8 people, you can can jump free as the birtday kid.


    How can I buy a vip card?


    • If you are over 18 years old, register on our website.
    • If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must complete the registration
    • Then click on the ,,Become a VIP'' button.
    • Here you can choose whether you want to complete the VIP Card for yourself or for a minor registered in your name.
    • Fill in the requested data (here you need to enter the customer data, from the person who pays the monthly fee)
    • Enter your bank card details, which you would like to use to pay the monthly fee.
    • Payment of the first monthly fee
    • Check your email account to which we send the confirmation of your purchase, the virtual VIP card and the invoice.
    • Enjoy the benefits of your VIP program


    Important information about VIP program:


    • The VIP card is intended for individuals and cannot be transferred to third parties. When you arrive at the park, please show your photo ID at the reception next to your virtual card proving that you are the beneficiary of the card. We cannot accept your VIP card without a photo ID.
    • The minimum stay in our VIP Card program is 6 months.
    • The payment period always begins on the day of purchase. So if someone buys their VIP Card on January 5th, the monthly fee will be deducted from their account on the 5th day of each month.
    • You can renew your Cyberjump VIP Card by paying the monthly fee from month to month.
    • The notice period starts 2 weeks before the end of the 6-month loyalty period and lasts until the payment of the next due monthly fee.
    • People with our VIP card can book their places online.
    • You can only make a reservation with an active card.
    • You can manage your reservations in your own account: book a new appointment or cancel an already booked appointment. It is not possible to cancel a same-day reservation.
    • If we are unable to debit the monthly fee from the registered bank card (the card has expired, there are no funds, the card has been blocked or the cardholder has revoked the direct debit authorization), we will send a notification to the registered user via email. The user has 3 business days to activate the fee. If this does not happen, the card associated with the registration will be deactivated.
    • You can change your BASIC package to a PREMIUM package 3 weeks after the monthly payment, by simply pressing the UPGRADE button and following the instructions. The upgrade option will be available only 1 week before the next payment. After the change, enjoy the benefits of the PREMIUM package. You can convert your PREMIUM package into a BASIC package by canceling the PREMIUM VIP-Card and doing a new BASIC VIP-Card right after. In this case, the 6-month loyalty period restarts 
    • After the 6-month loyalty period expires, the VIP card can be canceled at any time.If you want to cancel the VIP Card before the new deduction, please find the CANCEL VIP Card button in your account and terminate it.
    • After canceling the VIP-Card, the card will be deactivated immediately and the benefits can no longer be used from that point on.
    • Cyberjump reserves the right to unilaterally change the requirements and content of VIP Card, including suspending or canceling parts of the program and changing prices. We will inform you about the changes at least 30 days in advance.
    • Please note that the Cyberjump VIP card is NOT a monthly pass but rather a program that offers exclusive benefits accessible only with an active card! The benefits associated with active VIP cards have a monthly fee, but these benefits are not available after cancellation, regardless of the payment date of the monthly fee.
    • If you cancel your active card and wish to rejoin our VIP card program later, please note that a new 6-month loyalty period will begin with the new card
    • The VIP card cannot be used for school groups. The school group discount price is payable for everyone.


    Become a VIP



    Why should you be an owner of a VIP card? Just count with us!


    The monthly fee for the Premium VIP card is 22.90 Euros, which saves you 2 Euros the first time!

    If you don't cancel your card, the more you come to Cyberjump, the more money you save.

    26.90 euros for 2 sessions!
    51.80 euros for 3 sessions! and so on…

    Think! Don't be the enemy of your own pocket! Become a Cyberjump VIP Card owner and FEEL THE HYPE!

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